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Coed Soccer/Futsal

Somerville Parks and Recreation is currently working on starting our first adult coed soccer league. Our fall/winter season would be a futsal league, which is played on an indoor basketball court with a smaller/harder ball that doesn't have much bounce to it. We'd be playing 5v5(4 field players and a goalie). We are offering the first couple weeks for free to allow anyone interested to come out and play some pick up. Depending on the turn out and overall interest, we'll put together some team and start a league at $25 per player for the season. Below is the basic information related to it.

Dates: 9/22 - 12/15
Days: Wednesdays
Times: 7pm - 10pm
Location: Winter Hill Gym(located at 115 Sycamore St)

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the program's coordinator Yianny Tsirigotis: 

Office: (617) 625-6600 ext. 2994